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Culture of Client Service

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Our non-profit with multiple retirement community locations wanted to move our culture to one of customer service while not forgetting our value of caring for the residents.  We wanted to be known for more than just our care.  With Jeff’s support we chose to model our culture initiative on the Ritz-Carlton, developed the “systems behind the smiles”, trained over a thousand team members and embedded the new culture into our daily work.  The results have been sustainable and phenomenal. Our team member engagement scores have soared and our resident satisfaction improved significantly.

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Accounting & Financial Reporting

Our senior living non-profit with locations throughout the West had only the most basic financial reports, Income Statement and Balance Sheet. It took us the entire month to close our books and consolidate the company’s results.  Jeff designed a new chart of accounts which allows us to more easily consolidate our results and publish financial results by mid-month. In addition, the new chart of accounts allowed for statistical data to be pulled from our payroll and billing systems.  The result was more informative reports which helped drive improved decision-making and financial performance.

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Donor Acknowledgement


Our foundation office was overwhelmed trying to send acknowledgement letters to donors for gifts of any size including those which were less than $1.  With input from donor focus groups, Jeff created a process for gift acknowledgement and a suite of letter formats matching any situation.  For those donors making regular small gifts he created an annual donor journal published every January.  With Jeff’s expertise and help, we were able to simplify our process, make it more efficient and increase donor trust.  In turn, that increase in trust lead to an increase in gifts and their size.

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